REMOVAL GOODS FREIGHT FORWADER’S LIMITED is a reliable Freight Forwarding & Consolidation Company handling Air cargo from all Major destinations worldwide & across Africa.We have partnered with industry leading airlines to ensure best services in market with the most competitive prices on direct & in-direct airlines.

REMOVAL GOODS FREIGHT FORWADER’S LIMITED has facility to provide Quality Check Services to ensure the goods are packed properly as per the guidelines by customers for safe movement. A personalized service is offered to customers on demand for specific requirements of pickups; manage documentation, supply chain management,road transportation to consolidate cargo from various destinations.

With specialization for handling Airfreight, Removal Goods Freight Forwader’s Ltd helps customers by advising them as professional to choose Air options for proper handling of valued cargo at best options to avoid any unexpected loss, and damages during transit or demurrages at Airports and late delivery’s.

  • Consolidation and direct-to-consignee service
  • Accommodation of special cargoes such as refrigerated goods
  • Door-to-warehouse and
  • Airport-to-warehouse rate options